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  • Treating Your Bunions
    Bunions are a common and often painful foot condition that can impact daily life. These bony bumps form at the base of your big toe, pushing it outward and causing Read more
  • Noah Nemiccolo, Our Intern Graduates This December
    Noah Nemiccolo was our digital marketing intern at Kansas City Foot and Ankle. He works independently and proactively, without needing much direction or instruction. Noah’s intelligence was most evident in Read more
  • Treating Your Bunion Symptoms
    Bunions are a common problem. In fact, over half of the women in the United States have developed a bunion at some point, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Read more
  • Kansas City Food and Ankle Volunteers at Challenge Air so Special Needs Kids can earn their "wings."
    Our podiatrists and team members volunteered at Challenge Air. On Saturday, September 9th, our podiatrists, team members, and friends from Kansas City Foot and Ankle participated in www.ChallengeAir.   About:  Rick Amber Read more
  • The Kansas City Ballet Presents Jekyll & Hyde
    As the official podiatrists for the Kansas City Ballet, we are excited to announce the North American Premiere of Jekyll & Hyde Ticktes are on sale now at Choreography by Val Caniparoli Music Read more
  • Bunion Treatment Options
    If you have a bunion, you are not alone. A bunion is one of the most common, and painful foot problems your podiatrist can treat. What You Need To Know About Read more
  • New Google Reviews
    Efficient, courteousIt was great.Speedy, excellent service. Good explanation.Very thorough, professional staff.Dr. Stephanie Jameson and Bobbi, during my routine visit, provided all the care I needed in a timely and caring Read more
  • When You Should See a Podiatrist for Ankle Pain
    Ankle pain can cause problems in your life. When you have ankle pain it can affect your ability to stand, put weight on your ankle, and walk around. Fortunately, your Read more
  • New Google Reviews!
    Kansas City Foot and Ankle -  New review on Google! "Dr. S. Jameson is an excellent doctor. She is helpful, as is every single staff member I have come across at Read more
  • Foot Health for Children
    When you think about taking care of your child, you may not be thinking about taking care of your child’s feet. The truth is, foot health for children is important, Read more
  • Heel Pain: Causes and Treatments
    When you’re dealing with an issue like heel pain, this could be caused by a variety of issues. Each issue has different specific causes and symptoms and it’s important that Read more
  • Diabetes and Foot Care: Tips for Maintaining Healthy Feet
    Diabetes is a serious disease, affecting many of the major systems of your body, including your immune, circulatory, and nervous systems. The effects of diabetes are especially evident in your Read more
  • Suffering From Ingrown Toenails?
    Ingrown toenails can happen to anyone, and they can happen to you. Ingrown toenails can be painful and debilitating, making it difficult to wear shoes, stand, and walk. Fortunately, your Read more
  • Treating Toenail Fungus
    If you’re suffering from toenail fungus, our team of experts at Kansas City Foot and Ankle in South Kansas City, North Kansas City, Downtown Kansas City, or Lee’s Summit, MO Read more
  • KFCA is Featured in a National Newsletter
    Shep Hyken just featured a story about Kansas City Foot and Ankle in his national newsletter, entitled "Please Put Me Back On Hold."  Shep used the new Kansas City Foot and Read more
  • What You Need To Know About Taking Care of Your Feet
    Running and staying active are healthy choices for your body and mind. The health of your feet is very important if you want to stay active. Your podiatrist can help Read more

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