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A Simple Treatment for Ingrown Nails

Ingrown nails, specifically toenails, are a very common and often very painful condition seen in kids and adults alike.  The borders of the big toenails are most commonly affected and can be curved downward excessively. While poor trimming habits seem to get the blame for most ingrown nails, the most common culprit is heredity.  Usually, the nail border is excessively curved all the way back to the base of the nail, under the cuticle.  That means that the growth center for the nail, or nail matrix, is also excessively curved downward.  When the matrix produces new nail, it produces it with an excessively curved shape at the borders.  As the nail then grows out, it cuts into the skin like a knife, which can certainly be painful and lead to infection.

Dr. Green did what I thought was impossible. I had struggled with infections for over a year. My friend recommended Dr. Green, so I went and I have had no problems since. Thank you very much Dr. Green.

Fortunately, a very simple, effective and permanent option is available for painful ingrown nails.  A minor procedure can be performed in the office to remove the ingrown nail border permanently.  After the offending nail border is removed, a solution is applied to prevent the ingrown portion of the nail from growing back.  We leave the normal part of the nail and growth center alone.  No incisions are made.  No stitches are needed, and most people are more comfortable after the procedure than they were before.  You’re wearing normal shoes right away, and minor daily care with a topical antibiotic and a Band-Aid is all that’s needed.  Once it heals, it will look like a normal nail, but more importantly, the painful ingrown portion of the nail is gone, permanently! If you have a painful ingrown toenail, you don’t have to live with it! Make an appointment today so that you can take care of it once and for all!

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