Meet Our Team

The key to any successful foot and ankle treatment can be found in the relationship you build with your doctor. Honesty, compassion and excellent customer service are all qualities that can be found with our podiatrists. Each doctor takes time to get to know you, your symptoms and the goals you have for your treatment.  Meet our podiatrists at Kansas City Foot and Ankle and the Heel Pain Center of Kansas City.

Our doctors aren’t quick to go to the operating room to solve foot and ankle issues. They strive for the best results from conservative care first before opting for a surgical solution. If surgery is needed, Dr. Green. Dr. Jameson, Dr. Bess, Dr. Knowlton, Dr. Keyvan Ganz and Dr. Erin Lewis are skilled surgeons who have worked on the most complex cases with excellent results.

For your convenience, the doctors at Kansas City Foot and Ankle maintain medical and surgical privileges at St. Joseph Medical CenterSaint Luke’s South HospitalSaint Luke’s North Hospital,  St. Mary’s Medical Center,  and the Surgicenter of Johnson County.

At Kansas City Foot and Ankle, you are not just meeting with Dr. Mark Green, Dr. Stephanie Jameson, Dr. Corey Bess,  Dr. Ethan KnowltonDr. Keyvan Ganz and Dr. Erin Lewis but an entire staff of trained professionals in podiatry and customer service.

Excellent customer service is our top priority

From the moment you call Kansas City Foot and Ankle to make your appointment, our staff is trained to offer the highest level of customer service to provide you with the best patient experience in Kansas City.  We understand your time is valuable and we strive to keep an on-time appointment schedule.

Customer service is an integral part of Kansas City Foot and Ankle. We offer our patients a post-appointment survey that provides us with valuable feedback. We take the time to review each survey and implement appropriate changes based on our patients’ responses.

The old saying “there is no I in team” applies to the staff at Kansas City Foot and Ankle. 

Our staff is here to assist you in your foot care needs.


Our Podiatrists

  • Dr.
    Mark Green

    Dr. Mark Green is a private pilot in his free time. Dr. Green flies as a hobby, but also donates his time to two different air-charity groups. When not in the air, Dr. Green also enjoys sailing, scuba diving, rock climbing, running and hacking away at the piano - although his wife Denise, and sons Tyler and Colin prefer otherwise.


  • Dr.
    Stephanie Jameson

    Dr. Jameson enjoys spending time with her husband, David, playing tennis, running, watching college and professional sports, traveling, being a foodie, and going to the Lake of the Ozarks.


  • Dr.
    Corey Bess

    Dr. Corey Bess, originally from Ohio, is newer to the Kansas City area, arriving via Denver where he had spent the past year. Dr. Bess enjoys playing soccer, tennis, and hockey, as he has since high school. He's looking forward to Kansas City barbecue, a good football team, and spending time with family who live in KC, including his new niece and his furry nieces - an Old English Sheepdog and a Bichon.  


  • Dr.
    Ethan Knowlton

    Dr. Knowlton grew up in the Chicago-land suburbs where he attended North Central College and was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. Upon graduation, Dr. Knowlton went on to earn his doctorate from the Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine. He furthered his education in New England, completing a three-year surgical residency at St. Vincent Hospital and UMass Medical Center. 


  • Dr.
    Keyvan Ganz

    Dr. Ganz grew up in the Washington DC area.  He attended University of Maryland College Park and received his doctorate in podiatric medicine at Philadelphia’s Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine in 2002. He completed his surgical residency in Englewood, NJ followed by an exciting sports medicine fellowship in Miami including the NBA's Miami Heat, the University of Miami Hurricanes college basketball and other collegiate teams developed lifelong invaluable insight and experience.  


  • Dr.
    Erin Lewis

    Dr. Erin Lewis grew up in the Chicago suburbs, before moving to Houston at the age of 10. She attended Purdue University in Indiana, earning her bachelor’s degree in Health and Kinesiology. She then pursued her Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine at the Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine. Upon graduation, Dr. Lewis competed a 3 year surgical residency in South Florida, involving training in wound care, trauma, elective surgery and reconstruction. 


Our Team

  • Brenda Y
    Compliance & Credentialing Coordinator

    More details to come!

  • Sara D
    Clinic Manager

    Position with Kansas City Foot and Ankle: LPN, Clinic Manager

    I joined the Kansas City Foot and Ankle team in: 2019, short hiatus to go to nursing school 2020-2021, back in 2021

    What I love best about being part of the Kansas City Foot and Ankle team: I consider myself privileged to work under the doctors at Kansas City Foot and Ankle; I get to learn from them every day! We have a great team and my co-workers have become friends! We love to laugh and there is never a dull moment with the KCFA family! 

    Hometown: Overland Park, KS! I grew up in Denver, but KC is home😊

    Childhood ambition: Radio City Rockette

    First job: Build a Bear Workshop! Oddly enough, those bears don’t stuff themselves! 

    My perfect day: Brunch on a patio, followed up with quality time with family and/or friends (ideally outside).  Find me some water to play in or at least look at it and throw in some ice cream, and I’m a happy girl!  

    Indulgence: Wine and House Hunters or Million Dollar Listing.  Life goal: get on House Hunters!! 

    Favorite food: all of it, specifically any form of bread.  

    Favorite hobbies: I love to dance and I get really excited watching Broadway musicals! For some reason, I just never made it as a singer though….  Other than that, I enjoy taking rides in the jeep with no doors, going to new restaurants, and cooking/baking! 

    Pets: We just brought home a mini Sheepadoodle named Hank!

    When I’m not working: I am probably playing with my puppy, Hank; hanging outside with my fiancé, Tim; or sitting at the firepit with mom and dad! 

    Interesting fact(s) about me: I used to work for Walt Disney World! I hung out with some characters and performed in parades!

  • Michele G
    Patient Services Coordinator

    Position with Kansas City Foot and Ankle: Patient Services Coordinator

    I joined the Kansas City Foot and Ankle team in: November 2011

    What I love best about being part of the Kansas City Foot and Ankle team: The connection I have with our patients and that patients actually get excited to talk and visit with me and know me by name. I also love how we have such an awesome work team here. Everyone is willing to jump in and help when needed. I have developed some great friendships with my coworkers and they feel like family to me.

    Hometown: Parkersburg, WV

    Childhood ambition: Wanted to be a Geologist or Paleontologist. I was always playing in the dirt and looking for hidden treasures in ground. Also loved music and thought I wanted to be a musician, but the fact that I can’t sing or play an instrument destroyed that dream for me.

    First job: Worked as a cashier at Thrift Drug Store. I actually got to help in the pharmacy also which I enjoyed learning. 

    My perfect day: Spending time on a beach or in the mountains. Love the outdoors. Any day that I get to spend with my family or my friends is a perfect day.

    My life is: Blessed with a wonderful family and amazing friends and coworkers.

    Favorite food: Mexican and Italian and actually have become a fan of some German dishes

    Favorite hobbies: Photography and hoping to take some photography courses in the future. I love taking pictures of wildlife and nature. 

    Family: Husband- Rob, Daughter- Hanna and two step-sons, Joshua and Justin

    Pets: My sweet dog Ella and my cat Ava. Oh and I am quite obsessed with all the outdoor critters that have decided to visit our backyard after my husband built a pond. 

    When I’m not working: I enjoy quiet evenings on the back patio enjoying a glass of wine and listening to the waterfall. Love spending time at sporting events and concerts with family and friends. 

    Interesting fact(s) about me:  I have lived in five other states before moving to Kansas. I am a huge hockey fan (Pittsburgh Penguins). Anyone and everyone who know me (including our patients here at the office), knows that I am quite obsessed with elephants. I have a pretty large collection of them.  Some day it is my dream to go to an elephant sanctuary in Africa or Thailand.

  • Jennesa M
    Patient Concierge

    More details to come!

  • Eva S
    Patient Concierge

    Position with Kansas City Foot and Ankle: Patient Concierge 

    I joined the KCFA team in:  September of 2021 

    What I love best about being part of the Kansas City Foot and Ankle team is the collaboration of our team, we are all dedicated to the same mission. Patient first is always number one and making each and every experience personable and memorable! 

    Hometown:  Newark, New Jersey

    Childhood Ambition: My childhood ambition was to become a fashion stylist in New York City! As fashion will always be a part of me, I have fallen in love with being a patient advocate and being at the forefront of KCFA. 

    Favorite Hobbies include : Spending time with family, trying different foods, traveling, and reading! 

    Interesting facts about me :

    - I interned in NYC in 2012, did some independent journalism and attended fashion shows. 

    -I attended a vo-tech high school and had the opportunity to learn and do welding  for 4 years. 

    - I can serve our patients in more than one language.

  • April A
    Patient Concierge

    Hometown- Lee’s Summit, MO

    Ambition- To help and serve people and make a difference in life. As a child I wanted to be a labor and delivery nurse

    Favorite food- Mexican

    Family- 3 kids of my own 2 girls and 1 boy. Girls are 18 & 14  boy is 11. Stepdaughter is 7 and Jared my boyfriend

    Pet- 2 dogs pit bull and Weimaraner puppy

    When not working- We like to go fishing, shoot our bows, ride the side by side and go on bike rides. We also love attending sporting events to support the kiddos in all they do.

    Interesting Facts- I love participating in thrill seeking adventures. I have parasailed 3 times, the ripcord, did a 6 hour cave tour. In the cave tour we got to zip line over the mouth of the cave they called it, We repelled down into the cave and got to explore in cave, than climbed back out.  One day I want to jump out of a plane.

    My Perfect day- Reading a book on the beach, enjoying the sun and listening to my kids have a good time.

  • Andrea T
    Patient Concierge

    Position with Kansas City Foot and Ankle: Patient Concierge

    I joined the Kansas City Foot and Ankle team in: 2015

    What I love best about being part of the Kansas City Foot and Ankle team:  (Denise’s decorated holiday table/treats for us!)  

    Hometown: Boston, MA

    My life is: blessed beyond measure 

    Favorite hobbies:  reading anything with legit paper pages in it, flying, glassblowing, traveling, skydiving, volunteering. 

    Family: I’m excited to be expecting my first Grandchild! 

    Pets: There’s always room for one more, right?

    Interesting fact(s) about me:  I was one of the first female jet mechanics in the USN VP squadrons in the 1980’s. 

  • Bobbi Hamilton
    Medical Assistant

    Position with Kansas City Foot and Ankle: Medical Assistant

    I joined the Kansas City Foot and Ankle team in 2004 having never worked with feet before. 

    What I love best about working for KCFA is watching the practice grow. It’s been an incredible experience. The teamwork, camaraderie and attention to patients amongst the staff are second to none.  

    Hometown:  Fort Hood, Texas.  I was born on a military base hospital.  

    Indulgence: Mint Chocolate chip ice cream.   

    My life is: BLESSED

    Family: I have three handsome and VERY tall sons and four gorgeous grandsons.  

    When I’m not working:  I like to travel, work out, swim, try cooking new recipes or binge watching some really bad TV shows. 

    Interesting fact(s) about me:   At 18 yrs old, I tried out for the Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders, unfortunately I did not make it. Feel free to ask me why!  

    I once did a TV commercial and had my 15 min of fame amongst my friends.   

  • Krista S
    Medical Assistant

    More details coming soon!

  • Lisa L
    Medical Assistant

    More details coming soon!

  • Adriana N
    Medical Assistant

    Position with Kansas City Foot and Ankle: Medical Assistant
    I joined the Kansas City Foot and Ankle team in: 2019

    What I love best about being part of the Kansas City Foot and Ankle team: My favorite part about working here is the people; we are like a big family. I love all my work moms. KCFA also gets the best patients, and I love being able to create a very personable atmosphere with them. Hometown: Shawnee, KS
    Favorite hobbies: Reading! I love getting lost in a good novel. My favorite book at the moment is “Beach Read.”
    When I’m not working: I love being busy; sometimes a little too busy. When I’m not working, you’ll probably find me doing some type of homework assignment. I am a full time college student and worker!
    Favorite food: Literally anything made from a potato. French fries, tater tots, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes - you can’t go wrong with a potato.
    Interesting fact(s) about me: I have my Seal of Biliteracy in the state of Kansas - I can speak English and Spanish. 

  • Cory G
    Medical Assistant

    Position with Kansas City Foot and Ankle: Medical Assistant

    I joined the Kansas City Foot and Ankle team in: April 26, 2022

    What I love best about being part of the Kansas City Foot and Ankle team: The best thing for me is the ability to help people in a huge way! I feel that a lot of people take walking for granted, so being able to help the ones who aren’t able to walk well or without pain is such an amazing feeling!

    Hometown: Chatsworth, California

    Childhood ambition: To be a musician and an actor.

    First job: Courtesy Clerk/Grocery store 

    My life is: Amazing! I have a beautiful fiancé that I get the privilege to marry in October 2022. I just bought a beautiful home in Independence and I’m able to travel and have adventures. What more could I ask for?!

    Favorite hobbies: I’m not really one for hobbies but for passions! Music is my life! I play, listen, write, create and breath music! I’ve been playing music since I was 7 years old; I play the drums, guitar, bass, ukulele, piano, I sing, song-write and produce! I’ve been on quite a few tours, have had songs in movies and I still make music. 

    I also love acting! I’ve been in a number of musicals and theatrical plays such as Romeo & Juliet, Hairspray, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and much more!

    Family: My family is kind of a huge melting pot! My dad was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel and I still have my Savta (Grand-mother), cousins and uncle who live there! I have my mom and uncle who grew up in Minneapolis. My older sister and step-father who currently live in Las Vegas with my mom. I also have my amazing future-in-laws and my beautiful fiancé!

    Pets: I have a seven month old puppy named Mercury! He is a Pit/Lab mix and is just the cutest ball of energy!

    When I’m not working: When I’m not working I am usually found spending time with my fiancé exploring new places and or with my dog at home, or playing my guitar and writing songs.

    Interesting fact(s) about me: Where do I start?! I love reading, especially fiction and fantasy but my favourite book is The Diary of Anne Frank and my favourite series is The Harry Potter. I love history and learning about other cultures, I especially am fascinated with learning about the Holocaust as I am Jewish and have family in Israel. I feel it is important for me and my family history to know as much as I can about it. My top two places to visit are Auschwitz and The Anne Frank house in Amsterdam.

  • Susie T
    Surgery Coordinator

    More details coming soon!

  • Lisa Q
    Medical Assistant

    More details coming soon!

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