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Orthotics in Lee’s Summit, MO

Orthotics to Relieve Heel Pain and Provide Overall Foot Support

Custom-made foot supports that are worn under your heel and the arch of your foot are referred to as custom-molded orthotics. These devices are molded to be anatomically matched to your foot and they do more than just provide support. Custom-molded orthotics are designed to realign your foot to a neutral or natural position to alleviate pain in your feet, legs and back, as well as to restore balance, improve sports performance, and relieve foot fatigue.

Research shows that the majority of foot problems can be directly connected to skeletal imbalance. Most people tend to have some amount of either hyperpronation (flat feet) or hypersupination (high arches). The presence of these conditions can cause the foot to be unstable during normal everyday activity. Orthotics can improve function in the foot by compensating for existing imbalances and in most cases can relieve or prevent the associated pains.

Choosing the Right Custom Orthotic for Your Foot

I went to Dr. Green with a pain in my toe. He examined me, took x-rays and diagnosed my problem. He recommended orthotics. They were custom made and fitted by the doctor and his staff. My pain is now gone!

You are a good candidate for orthotics if:

  • you have nice arches when you’re sitting but they tend to flatten out considerably when you’re standing,
  • you have external misalignments such as “knock knees”, “bow legs”, in-toeing, or out-toeing,
  • you participate in an activity that places stress on your feet or if your work requires you to be on your feet for extended periods of time.

Custom-molded orthotics can be used to:

  • treat pain on all areas of the foot including  heel and arch pain,
  • reduce the number of diabetic ulcers, pressure sores and calluses,
  • alleviate arthritis pain,
  • correct abnormal foot functions,
  • prevent sports injuries,
  • slow the progression of foot bunions and hammertoes
  • treat children’s foot issues as well as adults.

The best way to find out if custom-molded orthotics can help you is to make an appointment with us for an exam.

Custom Orthotics vs. Insoles from a Discount Store Kiosk

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