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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Kansas City Foot and Ankle Now Offers You Another Option for Treating Your Foot Pain!

PRP therapy is an alternative to surgery, and it can also act as a supplemental treatment before and after your surgical procedure. Many patients find that PRP can be an effective therapy for many kinds of foot and ankle injuries.

How PRP Works

PRP jumpstarts healing and stimulates an anti-inflammatory response in your body, making it ideal for those suffering from chronic injuries. Using your body’s own plasma, which has more concentrated platelets than what’s normally found in blood, a small amount of your blood is taken, and then spun at high speeds in a centrifuge where it becomes highly concentrated. This concentrated mixture is then injected back into the area of your injury.


Since PRP comes from your own blood, you are less likely to have issues with the treatment. PRP is easy and relatively painless, and you’ll receive a local anesthetic for your comfort.

Benefits from PRP

If you’re suffering from tendon, other ligament, or soft tissue issues in your foot or ankle, PRP therapy offers many benefits. It’s especially helpful for Achilles tendonitis, tendinosis, and plantar fasciitis. PRP can also be used to help treat arthritis.

You may have heard about PRP because many famous athletes have taken advantage of this non-surgical procedure, including Tiger Woods, Rafael Nadal, and Alex Rodriguez. While they may not have had the procedure done on their feet, the process is the same.

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Our doctors have partnered with the state-of-the-art medical office at Physician Aesthetic Specialists in Lenexa. Physician Aesthetic Specialists was founded by Dan Margolin, MD, a board-certified surgeon.

Dan Margolin, MD
Board-Certified Surgeon

Physician Aesthetic Specialists offer services and aesthetic treatments including:

  • Nonsurgical Face Lift & Body Contouring
  • Emsculp Neo®
  • Emface®
  • RF Microneedling
  • IPL & Painless Laser Hair Removal
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  • Medical Weight loss
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Migraine Treatment
  • Kybella®
  • Red Light Therapy
  • And much more

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For information about the cosmetic treatments offered by Physicians Aesthetic Specialists, go to: Or call 913.706.0088.

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