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Stress Fracture

A stress fracture is a fracture or crack in a bone, usually a metatarsal, but could be another bone like your heel bone, that is not caused by one single traumatic event, but is a result of imparting excessive stresses through the bone.  They can happen when someone increases their exercises or runs faster than the body can adapt to these forces.  The bone fatigues and cracks resulting in pain.  Pain from a stress fracture is present with every step that is taken and can be considerably painful.

Symptoms include:

  • Swelling
  • If in the heel, pain not only on the bottom of the foot, but with side to side pressure
  • Pain usually with every step

We arrive at a diagnosis for stress fractures after reviewing the patient’s extensive history, including history of their activities and exercising, as well as, utilizing x-rays.  Sometimes additional testing is necessary such as CT scan or an MRI.

To treat a stress fracture, often immobilizing the foot and ankle, and rest helps.

If you, or some one you know, have injured your foot and think you may have a stress fracture, please contact our office.  We would be happy to assist you at Kansas City Foot and Ankle

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