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Foot and ankle pain is a devastating condition that many people in Lee’s Summit live with daily. Kansas City Foot and Ankle understands how frustrating stubborn foot pain can be. That is why we have made it our top priority to provide professional foot and ankle treatments to people living in Lee’s Summit. We are foot specialists providing relief from heel pain, bunions, and many other common foot and ankle conditions. Our Kansas City Foot and Ankle podiatrists are highly trained specialists in heel pain relief. Together they have provided relief to many residents from Lee’s Summit who are now pain free and no longer suffer from foot pain.

Lee’s Summit Residents Don’t Have to Live With Heel Pain

People living with heel pain can feel hopeless. There are many possible problems that can lead to heel pain, but the good news is Kansas City Foot and Ankle offers many solutions. A reliable podiatrist, like the kind you will find at Kansas City Foot and Ankle, will accurately diagnose the cause of your heel pain. For instance, plantar fasciitis and stress fractures are two completely different, but equally painful causes of heel pain. Each unique cause of heel pain requires a specific course of treatment. Our podiatrists will review your medical history and perform a thorough physical examination, including in-office x-rays, to determine a correct diagnosis before treatment. After the diagnosis, a treatment plan is recommended by Dr. Green and Dr. Jameson with your Lee’s Summit lifestyle in mind.

Lee’s Summit’s Source for Custom Molded Orthotics

Kansas City Foot and Ankle provides immediate relief of foot pain to the people of Lee’s Summit. No one deserves to suffer from long-term foot pain. The majority of foot problems can be directly connected to skeletal imbalance. Most people tend to have some amount of either hyperpronation (flat feet) or hypersupination (high arches). High quality Sole Supports orthotics can be easily inserted into your shoe and are the orthotics recommended by Dr. Mark Green. These helpful supports can be used to correct arch abnormalities and provide you with the best stability to provide pain relief. We create custom Sole Supports just for your feet to accommodate even the most stubborn foot problems. They help to realign your foot to a neutral or natural position to alleviate pain in your feet, legs and back. It is so important to visit a quality foot doctor that helps patients from Lee’s Summit, like our podiatrists at Kansas City Foot and Ankle.

Foot and Ankle Pain Relief for People in Lee’s Summit

Whether you need a simple checkup or a thorough course of treatment, Kansas City Foot and Ankle will provide you with the correct treatment. From toenail fungus, to plantar fasciitis, to bunions, our podiatrists can fix what’s causing your foot pain and get you back on your feet in no time. Call or visit us today and find out what it means to walk free of pain.

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