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Corns and Calluses

Corn and Callus Specialist in Kansas City

You often hear the term “corns and calluses” used in the same sentence, but these two things are not the same.  Corns and calluses both develop as your skin hardens to protect itself from friction or pressure such as your skin rubbing against your shoes.

So what’s the difference between corns and calluses?


Corns develop on parts of your feet that don’t bear weight.  They often surface on the sides of your toes, on the top of your feet or in between your toes. They can be very painful and have a hard center with inflamed skin around the hard center.


Calluses, on the other hand, develop on the more weight bearing part of your feet.  Calluses often develop on the balls of your feet or on your soles.  They vary in shape and size, but are often bigger than corns.  The skin thickens and hardens all over the surface of the callus.  Calluses aren’t as painful as corns, but they can still be as unsightly.

Those At-Risk

People who should worry the most about calluses and corns are people with diabetes.  If not treated appropriately, they can become infected.  An infection can cause a foot ulcer or an open wound in people with diabetes or those with compromised immune systems.

Dr. Mark Green, Dr. Stephanie Jameson, Dr. Erin Lewis and Dr. Mark Green, Kansas City podiatrists, can appropriately treat your corn or callus.  Make an appointment today and have your corn or callus examined.

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