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FUN day to be in Kansas City!!

Wow – it sure is a FUN day to be in Kansas City!!

Today we welcome home and celebrate the world champions of football – The Kansas City Chiefs!!!  2020 Super Bowl Champions!!  We won the Super Bowl!!  Fifty years in the making, this city is on fire!!  Similar to the Royals record-setting season in 2015 when they won the World Series, this city has completely come together and is celebrating as one.  There is red everywhere!!!  Red has always been one of my favorite colors, but now I’m almost sick of it – almost, but not quite!!  What a FUN day to be in Kansas City!!

What can we say about this team other than that it is pure magic?  Lead by a kid, just a 24-year old young man, this team has captured the hearts of all (and not just because they beat the Patriots – ha, ha).  The stories around the city about this fantastic player abound-from his humility to him buying pizza for an entire restaurant.  We can’t get enough of Patrick Mahomes!!  His drive and his kindness is impressive to everyone.  He is a great role model and the perfect candidate to lead our beloved Chiefs for years to come.

The entire city is gathering today for the parade, which will be held downtown, Kansas City, Missouri.  People are gathering along the parade route as well as on the hill adjacent to our beautiful Union Station.  This entire area is packed with fans.  I have heard that they are estimating that up to 1 million spectators will assemble!  Most people left their homes by 7am in order to get downtown, park and find their perfect viewing spot.  By 9am, the entire area was packed!  And all that can be seen is a sea of red.  The excitement and pride blocking out the snow flurries.  This city is alive!!

So for everyone who is out there, be safe, have fun, and GO CHIEFS!!!!

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