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Is toenail fungus linked to Athlete’s Foot?

Toenail fungus and Athlete’s Foot are similar as they are both fungal infections.  The same fungus that infects the skin with Athlete’s Foot can spread to and infect the toenails, causing the nails to become thick and discolored.  We see many cases of toenail fungus that are a direct result of an Athlete’s Foot infection.

The treatment for Athlete’s Foot and toenail fungus are different.  Typically, Athlete’s Foot is easily resolved with a topical antifungal medication.  Topical antifungal medications is generally only 15-30% effective in curing toenail fungus.  Oral antifungal medication is more effective, but many patients cannot take the medication due to its potential side effects.  Laser treatment is a very effective, non-painful, non-invasive treatment of toenail fungus, as it can penetrate the nail bed and destroy the fungus using light-based technology.

Kansas City Foot and Ankle offers the latest most advanced laser technology in the treatment of toenail fungus.  Call our office today at 816-943-1111.

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