Why does the top of my foot hurt in shoes?

Many things can cause pain on the top of your foot when wearing shoes including a bone spur on the top of your foot, tendinitis (an inflamed tendon) that is being irritated by the shoe, or just an ill-fitting shoe.  If you’re not having pain when walking without shoes, make sure you’re wearing appropriately fitting shoes.  You might benefit from lace-up shoes instead of slip-ons, as they can be loosened and adjusted to fit your feet comfortably.

If you feel a boney prominence where the shoe is causing discomfort, you may have a bone spur, or arthritis.  You can try placing a donut pad around it, so the shoe puts pressure on the pad and not on the bump.  See if that helps.  Otherwise, come in and have it evaluated.

If you’re having pain with and even without shoes, come see us for an examination and recommendation from one of our foot and ankle specialists.

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