Is surgery my only option for heel pain?

NO!  In fact, surgery is rarely necessary in the treatment of heel pain.  Most heel pain is called plantar fasciitis; a condition where the ligament that attaches to your heel and runs across the arch to the ball of your foot becomes irritated and inflamed.  The most common cause is a slight instability in the way your foot functions with every step.  Your arch is probably flattening a little (or a lot!) more than it should with every step, irritating the ligament beneath the heel, or even up into your arch.

The solution to your pain is a simple two-part process; reduce the inflammation to get you comfortable, and then address the cause of the problem – the way your foot is working.  There are lots of treatments that can quickly help reduce the inflammation and pain, including musculoskeletal laser, stretching, anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone injections, cryoanalgesia, night splints and physical therapy, to just mention a few.

Long-term relief is obtained by keeping your foot functioning in the most stable position with custom orthotics.  Orthotics are similar to arch supports, except that they are custom made from molds of your feet, reflecting your feet in their most stable position.  So when you wear them, your feet will maintain a stable position with a good arch, and the ligament doesn’t continue to be irritated.

Rarely do the treatments above fail to alleviate heel pain.  Talk to one of our doctors to find the right combination of conservative treatments for you and your lifestyle.

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