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  • Trust your podiatrist to properly diagnose stress fractures.
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Trust your podiatrist to properly diagnose stress fractures.

Ever have nagging foot pain that doesn’t seem to go away?

How about this…you go for x-rays on your foot or ankle only to be told there is no evidence of a stress fracture.  They say x-rays don’t lie, but in some cases the x-rays may not be telling the whole truth.  Why?  Because it can take approximately 2 weeks for some stress fractures to first show up on an x-ray.

In fact, Atlanta Braves player, Jordan Schafer, recently suffered a right ankle stress fracture, which was initially not seen on x-rays.  An MRI was then performed, and indicated he had a fracure.  General manager, Frank Wren, said Schafer is already 2 ½ weeks into the process of healing.  Luckily for the Braves, he will fully recover.

Stress fractures, often called hairline fractures, are a common sports injury.  They often occur in weekend warriors, and typically are in seen in weight bearing bones.  The fractures occur from repetitive motions in sports like tennis and jogging.  When the continued trauma is added together, this may cause the stress fracture.  Symptoms often consist of generalized pain to an area, and are sometimes severe.  Stress fractures can occasionally show up with bruising and swelling to the fractured area.  Just because you don’t see swelling or a bruise doesn’t mean it isn’t broken.

Stress fractures are best diagnosed by a foot specialist who will do a thorough examination.   Often, as mentioned above, early x-rays usually don’t show any evidence of a fracture; therefore, other imagining can be more defining in uncertain situations.  These fractures typically take about 6 weeks to heal, with proper rest and immobilization of the limb.

In conclusion, if you are having any sort of foot pain, don’t rule out the possibility of a stress fracture.  We can reduce or eliminate your pain, make you more comfortable, and get you back to the activities you love.  Call Kansas City Foot & Ankle to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.  Let the specialists in foot and ankle injuries evaluate your pain and get you back on the road to recovery.

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