What causes blisters on my feet?

Blisters are caused from friction.  Blisters can vary in size and severity.  For example, a new pair of shoes can rub against your ankle and cause a painful blister.

Here are some tips to avoid getting a painful blister:

  • Wear the right size shoe. Shoes that are too big will cause the foot to slide.  Sliding causes friction that can lead to a blister.  Shoes that are too tight can also lead to a blister.  There should be a thumb’s length from your longest toe to the end of your shoe.
  • Break in your shoes before you go out for an evening of dancing, a day of jogging, etc.
  • Keep your feet dry.  Moisture can cause a blister.  Wear socks made out of polypropylene or other synthetic material that will draw moisture away from your feet.   If your feet tend to be sweaty, change your socks regularly.
  • Try powdering your feet before you wear your shoes.  The powder will help absorb moisture.
  • Apply Vaseline to the area where you are prone to getting blisters.  The Vaseline can help decrease friction that causes blisters.

If you do get a blister, let it heal.  Do not “pop it”.  Popping a blister can leave an open sore, making it more prone to infection.  This is especially true if you are a person with diabetes.  People with diabetes are more vulnerable to serious foot infections.

If you have a painful blister, the best thing to do is have it evaluated by your foot specialist at Kansas City Foot and Ankle.

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