Transcription of Gout Video

Do you have a red-hot, swollen and extremely painful big toe joint, where even the bed sheets touching your foot is painful?  Wearing a shoe can be excruciating and even walking barefoot is difficult because just moving the big toe is painful.  if that’s what’s going on, you could be having a gout attack.

Gout can occur if the level of Uric acid in your blood is elevated. The Uric acid crystallizes in one or more of your joints, usually the joint at the base of your big toe.  And since crystals are sharp, pointy things that irritate the joint, your body responds with a very intense inflammatory reaction, and that is what causes the swelling, redness and extreme pain. The acute pain can last from several days to a couple weeks but a low-grade inflammation could linger for months if left untreated.

Lots of things can cause your Uric acid level to be elevated, including alcohol and foods high in purines, like lunch meats.  It seems like every year a patient comes in with gout a couple days after attending a great Super Bowl party.  You may be able to reduce your chances of a gout attack by limiting or avoiding shellfish, organ meats such as kidney and liver, red wine, beer, red meat, and even asparagus.  I’m sorry. I know how much you love asparagus.  Even some medications like diuretics, or water pills can lead to gout.

Fortunately, the pain from an acute gout attack can be eliminated quickly with a variety of medications.  If you continue to have painful gout attacks in spite of decreasing your daily intake of bologna sandwiches, there are long-term medications that can keep you comfortable.

There’s no reason to suffer through the pain of a gout attack. At Kansas City Foot and Ankle, we can reduce and eliminate your pain fast.  So if you have foot pain, give us a call at Kansas City Foot and Ankle, so we can get you back in action quickly and comfortably.

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