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Millions of patients suffer from daily heel pain related to plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis. This pain to the plantar fascia or Achilles tendon may be from foot instability from arches that flatten too much, or due to overuse from day-to- day activities, recreational activities, or any activity requiring repetitive motion of the foot and ankle. Sometimes this pain can be a direct result of a trip, fall, or twisting motion of the foot or ankle.

The problem with damage to the tendon or fascia is that these types of overuse and traumatic injuries can lead to scar tissue formation. The development of scar tissue can also lead to a limitation in motion and movement.

The physicians at Kansas City Foot and Ankle offer many conservative as well as surgical options for the treatment of tendonitis and fasciitis. One option includes Tenex technology.

What Is Tenex?

Tenex Health TX Technology has been proven to improve tendonitis and fasciitis in the foot and ankle, as well as elbow, shoulder, and knee, and dramatically reduce pain and improve function. Tenex is an alternative surgical procedure to traditional open or arthroscopic repair. The patented TX MircoTip technology, utilized in the Tenex procedure, allows for the elimination of the damaged and degenerated parts of the affected tendon or fascia through only a small stab incision. This allows for fewer complications and quicker recovery as opposed to traditional open procedures and eliminates the cause of the problem rather than simply masking the problem with injections or medications.

How Does Tenex Work?

Tenex is performed at a surgical center under light sedation. First, your surgeon uses ultrasound to precisely identify the specific location of the damaged area of the tendon or fascia. The area is then numbed with a local anesthetic and a small incision is made through the skin. The surgeon then inserts the MicroTip wand into the area of damaged tissue with ultrasound guidance. Ultrasonic energy is then administered through the MicroTip wand that safely breaks down diseased and damaged tissue, leaving only healthy tissue behind. As only a micro-incision is required, no sutures are usually necessary and only a small adhesive dressing is applied.

What Is The Recovery Period For Tenex?

Post-operatively, the patient will be non-weight bearing for 2 weeks. On post-op day 3, gentle range of motion exercises may begin. At 2 weeks patients are allowed to begin stretching exercises and weight bearing in a walking boot. Frequently, formal physical therapy is started at this time. Normal, full-weight bearing activities can be expected as early as 6 weeks after the procedure.

If you suffer from chronic heel pain, ask one of our doctors at the Heel Pain Center of Kansas City if Tenex is right for you.

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