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Pain in the Ball of Your Foot

Metatarsalgia and Capsulitis

Metatarsalgia and capsulitis are terms used to describe foot pain in the ball of your foot which is the area between your arch and your toes. Metatarsalgia is a general term for pain in and around a metatarsal bone, while capsulitis specifically describes inflammation of the joint that connects the toe to the foot.

In these conditions, one or more of the metatarsal joints can become inflamed and painful. People often develop a callus under the affected joint, since excessive pressure in that area is a common cause of both inflammation of the joint and thickening of the skin. There are many causes of metatarsalgia including foot instability, injuries, arthritis, a thinning of the fat pad or cushion beneath the ball of the foot, and working long hours on very hard surfaces.  Sometimes changing your shoes or adding an over-the-counter cushioned insole will fix the problem. We may also recommend custom orthotics to remove areas of excessive pressure and balance the weight across the bottom of your feet.

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