Flat Feet in Kansas City Kids

Correct now for fewer problems later.

Correct the problem now to avoid long-term, painful conditions in the future

If your child has feet that flatten excessively, an evaluation by a podiatrist is critical in determining appropriate treatment options.  Just because your child isn’t complaining, doesn’t mean that the condition should be left alone.  The idea that kids will outgrow their flat feet is wrong.  Children with flat feet become adults with flat feet.  Put another way, kids with flat feet become adults with bunions, hammertoes, heel and arch pain, heel spurs, neuromas and general foot and ankle pain and instability. A flat foot is an unstable foot and should be treated.

Treatment options for flat feet include custom-molded orthotics, physical therapy, and shoe modifications.  Custom-molded orthotics are not just for adults.  Our podiatrists will take a mold of your child’s foot in the most stable position and in a way that provides your child the corrective support needed.  The orthotics will be custom-made specifically addressing your child’s flat foot condition.  At Kansas City Foot and Ankle it is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach to your child’s feet.

We understand at Kansas City Foot and Ankle how special your child’s feet are and take great care in making sure to address your child’s foot issues with care and compassion.

When it comes to children, a conservative approach to treatment is optimal.  However, if the flat foot is causing your child pain, then activity modifications, medications and sometimes surgery is necessary to relieve symptoms, and improve foot function.

If your child has flat feet, contact Kansas City Foot and Ankle for an appointment today (often same day) (816) 943-1111.

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