Why does one foot hurt more than the other?

Great question.  One we are asked all the time.  Your feet are not perfectly symmetrical in size, shape or function.  We all know that one foot is usually ½ to a full size larger than the other.  But most people don’t realize that your feet aren’t exactly alike in function either.  One may flatten a little more than the other during weight-bearing or one might sit at a different angle to your direction of travel than the other.  Additionally, your joints may have different degrees of motion from one foot to the other, which can change the way one foot works compared to the other.   All of these factors, and more, can contribute to the fact that only one foot hurts, or that one hurts more than the other.  If both feet function abnormally, given enough time, they’ll both start to hurt.  But why wait?  If you have foot pain; one side or both, come see us asap so we can get you comfortable quickly.

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