Why do I have foot pain first thing in the morning

Why do I have foot pain first thing in the morning?

Foot pain is not normal and should not be ignored. Foot pain in the morning is usually seen in patients who are active on their feet all day long. During the day the foot’s plantar fascia ligament can become stretched out.  The pain felt in your feet when you wake up is the contraction of the ligaments in your foot. These ligaments, especially the plantar fascia, need to be stretched out again in order to reduce pain.  However that is not the only cause of foot pain in the morning. There could be other reasons such as a stress fracture, Achilles tendinitis, sever’s disease (inflammation of the growth center in children), nerve pain, bursitis, arthritis, or a traumatic injury.

These conditions if not addressed can become chronic and even worsen as time goes on. Dr. Green and Dr. Jameson are experts in diagnosing the causes of your foot pain. Get back to your active lifestyle, if you or someone you know is experiencing foot pain in the morning contact Kansas City Foot and Ankle to schedule an appointment.

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