Skin Cancer – what should I look for on my feet?

Melanoma on your feet.
What to look for and when to be concerned.

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that can affect all ages. It can be found on the foot or ankle and can often go unnoticed until it is at an advanced stage. The cause of melanoma can be excessive exposure to the sun or UV rays. Melanoma can develop anywhere on the body even in places that have not had direct exposure to the sun.

Here are the ABCD’s of melanoma skin checks!

A = Asymmetry meaning one half of a mole is a different shape from the other half.

B = Border irregularity – jagged and ragged borders.

C = Color – a mix of colors and hues vs. a solid color.

D = Diameter a spot that is larger than 5 millimeters (the size of a pencil eraser head) is cause of concern.

How to avoid melanoma

  • Keep your feet covered and protected from the sun with shoes and socks.
  • Wear sunscreen on your feet with the appropriate SPF.
  • Inspect your feet including between your toes.
  • Take off nail polish regularly to inspect your toenails for any spots.
  • Stay out of the sun during peak hours.

The best thing to do is call your podiatrist and have any suspicious spots checked out immediately.

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