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What can I do to relieve foot and ankle pain?

What can I do to relieve foot and ankle pain? And, how do I know when to consult a podiatrist?

First and foremost, do not ignore pain in your feet and ankles.  Healthy feet don’t have persistent pain or skin that looks unusual.  If your pain doesn’t subside quickly, please contact our office right away.  The sooner we can see you and examine your feet, the quicker we can begin to make the corrections needed to get your feet healthy again.  So often we see people who have waited a very long time and suffered needlessly, sometimes for years.  Podiatrists treat foot and ankle problems for patients of all ages.  We are the experts on foot and ankle care and should be the first doctor you call when you experience any foot and ankle symptoms or pain.  If you have diabetes or poor circulation and you develop any abnormal symptoms you should see us immediately.  You’re at much greater risk for serious complications.  And, if you have diabetes, you should see us at least every six months whether or not you have symptoms or pain.  Regular check-ups are a great way to keep your feet and ankles healthy.

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