What are orthotics?

Custom made foot supports that are worn under your heel and the arch of your foot.  These devices are molded to be anatomically matched to your foot, and they do more than just provide support.  Orthotics are designed to realign your foot to a neutral or a natural position to alleviate pain in your feet, legs and back, as well as to restore balance, improve sports performance, and relieve foot fatigue.  With orthotics, we take molds of your feet with all the bones and joints lined up appropriately.  When they are built by the lab and you wear them, they will maintain the foot position we molded you in.  They will maintain your maximum arch, balance the weight bearing forces across your foot, eliminate instability and provide the proper foot function for your individual feet.  Research shows that the majority of foot problems can be directly connected to skeletal imbalance.  Most people tend to have some amount of either hyper-pronation (flat feet) or hyper-suspenation (high arches).  The presence of these conditions can cause the foot to be unstable during normal every day activity.  This constant stress on the feet can lead to pain in the feet, ankles, legs, knees, hips, and back.  Orthotics can improve function in the foot by compensating for existing imbalances and in most cases can relieve or prevent the associated pains.

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