Is bunion surgery painful?

People will often go a long time without having their bunion treated, because they heard bunion surgery is painful. We are happy to report after thousands of successful bunion surgeries that people say it is far less painful then they originally thought.

Keeping swelling to a minimum after surgery is KEY to determining how much pain a person will feel.

How do you keep swelling to a minimum?

Keeping your foot above your heart will help keep swelling to a minimum. Gravity is NOT your friend after surgery and your foot is at the lowest point of your body. Your foot will be put in a surgical boot and you will be able to walk after surgery, however, that doesn’t mean you should go about resuming normal activity after bunion surgery. Rest and minimal activity will help keep your pain at bay.

Listen to your doctor and stay off your foot. Take pain medicine as directed. Stay ahead of your pain. That means take your pain medicine BEFORE the pain starts. Most people can take over-the-counter pain medication after only a day or two provided they STAY OFF THEIR FEET as much as possible.

If you go without having your bunion treated, because you heard bunion surgery is painful, you may end up experiencing MORE PAIN from the bunion! Be smart – at least have your bunion examined and take steps to stop it from progressing and getting worse.

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