Does laser on my toenails hurt?

Laser treatment of toenail fungus is quick and painless. Some patients have said that it feels warm or they have a tingling sensation but no pain during or after treatment.   Our laser technology is used throughout podiatry and is FDA cleared for treatment of fungal toenails. The laser creates pulsing mid-infrared laser wavelengths that emit energy. This energy is then absorbed into the nail which results in photo-thermal heating and treats the fungal infections of the toenail. The photo-thermal heat stimulates positive growth of the nail, and although not noticeable right away will show improvement over time. New research shows that 4 treatments a week to two weeks apart produces positive results in the treatment of nail fungus. With treatments only taking about 10 minutes for all ten toes and using very little heat so there is no pain, you can’t help but be interested in curing your nail fungus today! You can return to your daily activities right after treatment, with no hassle from topical ointments or remembering to take daily medications. For more information regarding fungal toenails and laser treatments click here, or contact Kansas City Foot and Ankle for more details!

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