Do you have an extra bone in your foot?

There are some people that are born with an extra bone or piece of cartilage in their foot.  This condition is called Navicular accessory.  It is usually located just above the arch on the inside of the foot.

If you are born with this condition, it usually doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort.  You can go your whole life without any issues.  However, there are some people with a Naviular accessory that can develop pain and tenderness.  If this is the case, the painful condition is called Navicular Syndrome.

Navicular Syndrome often is caused in people with flat feet and the additional bone/cartilage.  The flat feet puts more strain on the arches and on the extra bone/cartilage.  This causes inflammation and swelling and leads to pain.

Navicular Syndrome is often aggravated during the teen and adult years.  The three reasons this condition can become painful are:

  • trauma like a foot or ankle sprain
  • irritation from shoes rubbing up against the spot where the navicular accessory is located
  • repeat or excessive use

There are treatment different options for Navicular Syndrome.  The best thing to do is make an appointment with Kansas City Foot and Ankle.  The podiatrists at Kansas City Foot and Ankle have treated this condition and are up to date on the latest treatments.

Give our office a call today if this condition is causing you pain.

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