FAQ about Treating Fungal Toenails

Many people have questions about how laser works for treating fungal toenails. Laser for treating fungal toenails is the safest and most efficient way to treat the stubborn condition of fungal toenails. The following will hopefully answer all of your questions regarding using laser to treat fungal toenails.

How does the laser treatment work?  

The advanced laser technology produces laser light energy that is specifically absorbed by water and water associated with collagen, as well as being absorbed by the color red. A major component in the tissues of the nail and nail growth center, as well as the skin, is collagen.

What makes our advanced laser technology different from other lasers?

Our doctors chose the advanced laser technology for Kansas City Foot and Ankle based on how the technology has little to no thermal effect.  The laser creates short, but extremely powerful pulses of laser energy, so it’s mechanism of action is actually through a mechanical or “shockwave”effect, with very little heating. It destroys the fungus without heating up the tissue, so there is very little potential for pain or burning of the tissue with this laser technology as compared to other lasers. Other lasers can take 30 minutes for treatment compared to the laser technology at Kansas City Foot and Ankle, which only takes about 10 minutes for treatment of all ten nails.

Does laser treatment really cure toenail fungus?

There have been great results reported using laser treatments for toenail fungus. This new treatment option is an alternative to the traditional topical and oral medications, and studies show that laser treatment is significantly more successful than topical medications, and at least as effective as oral medication, without the potential for liver issues and other side effects associated with oral medications. Now with laser treatment, you can avoid the potentially harsh side effects that are associated with taking the oral medications and still have great looking nails! Nail fungus is a stubborn infection and it’s long term success will depend on treatment and regular maintenance to prevent recurrence of the fungus. Our doctors will discuss treatment plans with each patient.

Will it hurt?

No! Some patients report feeling a tingling sensation and a bit of warmth, but that’s it! This amazing laser technology has the ability to adjust to all clinical situations and produce little to no heat. If you do feel any discomfort, our podiatrists will adjust the laser to make sure your laser experience is a pleasant one.

Is it safe?

Yes! The laser treatment provides one of the safest treatments in the industry. The company has been around for years and has a long track record for safety. Our doctors are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding safety and will not proceed unless you feel like all of your questions have been sufficiently answered.

How long does each treatment take?

The treatment takes about as long as it takes you to drive through your local Starbucks for your morning coffee. 10 minutes is how fast the laser treatment is and that is one of the reasons why our doctors are so happy to be providing this laser above all others on the market. We recommend three treatments with the laser in order for the treatment to be effective.

How soon will I see improvements?

On average you will see improvements within two to four months. The fungus is killed immediately by the laser, however, it takes time for your nail to grow out where the results are visible.

What’s the number one reason why fungal nail treatments don’t work?

Is laser treatment covered by my medical insurance?

Laser treatment of the skin and nails is not currently covered by medical insurance. Most flexible spending accounts (FSA) or Health Saving Accounts (HSA) consider the treatment a covered expense. Kansas City Foot and Ankle accepts major credit cards, checks and cash. We also offer easy payment plans if necessary. Please contact our office for more details: (816) 943-1111. Same day appointments often available.

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