Dr. Mark Green Receives Alumni Award

Dr. Mark Green Receives Alumni Award

Dr. Green inducted into Mayfield High School Alumni Hall of Fame

On September 22, 2016 Dr. Mark Green was inducted into the Mayfield High School Alumni Association Hall of Fame at his Alma Mater in Mayfield Heights, Ohio.  Every year, the alumni association elects four former students who have contributed to the communities in which they live, and have demonstrated success in business.

Dr. Green, a 1982 graduate of Mayfield, points to two underlying values in his life that have helped him achieve success; making a difference in the lives of others, and not being afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.

Dr. Green has made a difference in the lives of many families as a volunteer pilot with Angel Flight and Challenge Air.  As an Angel Flight pilot, he has flown dozens of patients and their families all over the Midwest and beyond for medical care.  Challenge Air is an organization where pilots volunteer to fly kids with special needs for tours around the city.  Dr. Green states, “I have enjoyed giving these kids the opportunity to take control of the plane; make turns, climb and descend and talk to the air traffic controllers, building self esteem and confidence.  These experiences have given these kids memories that will last a lifetime.”

As a podiatrist, Dr. Green discovered the beauty of changing people’s lives with his knowledge, experience and compassion.  He has used his medical and surgical training to improve the lives of people with painful foot and ankle conditions, developmental deformities and injuries.  “There’s nothing more satisfying than hearing a patient tell me that they haven’t been this comfortable in years, or even more importantly, how grateful they are to me for saving their leg, and even on occasion for saving their life,” says Dr. Green.

Dr. Green has lived by the expression, “A world of possibilities lies outside of our comfort zone.”  In his Hall of Fame speech, Dr. Green said, “If you’re never uncomfortable or afraid, you’re not trying very hard.  If you only do what’s comfortable, you’ll never do anything different or learn anything new or grow personally or professionally.  Most people stick to what’s comfortable for them.  And if you’re doing what most people are doing, you are, by its very definition, average.”

“I was 16 years old, and so scared the first time I soloed an airplane without anyone sitting next to me that, after a half hour of focusing and concentrating on not dying that, when I finally landed and taxied in, my legs were shaking so badly that I had a hard time keeping my feet on the brakes.”   But he did it, and those few moments of fear allowed him to grow, eventually earning his Commercial Pilot’s License, Multi-engine rating, Instrument rating, Glider and Seaplane ratings and since then Dr. Green has flown from Canada to the Caribbean.

Dr. Green’s philosophy of stepping outside your comfort zone is apparent in his business life as well.  “After I had completed my surgical residency, I was ready to practice medicine.  After a long search, I found a bank that saw something in me; the bank and I both took a risk, and with no patients, a little bit of borrowed money, and not one hour of training in how to run a business, I started a medical practice.  Talk about scary!” recalls Dr. Green.  Today, Kansas City Foot and Ankle employs sixteen employees including four doctors, and sees more than 15,000 patients per year.

Continuing to expand the practice, and definitely outside of his comfort zone, Dr. Green plans on adding a number of new doctors and offices around the Kansas City area and beyond over the next several years.

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