Transcription of Children’s Foot Problems Video

Children’s Foot Problems

Contrary to popular belief, children don’t outgrow their foot problems. Prevention and early treatment of foot problems in children or adolescents is extremely important. Regular foot examinations throughout the growing years are important in identifying problems before they become painful or lead to other more complicated foot conditions down the road.

If your child has flat feet, an evaluation by a podiatrist is critical in determining appropriate treatment options. Just because your child isn’t complaining, doesn’t mean that the condition should be left alone. The idea that kids will outgrow their flat feet is wrong. Children with flat feet become adults with flat feet. And since a flat foot is an unstable foot, it leads to foot deformities as they get older. So you can say that kids with flat feet become adults with bunions, hammertoes, heel and arch pain, heel spurs, and other abnormal and painful foot conditions. A flat foot is an unstable foot and should be treated.

Heel pain is one of the most common pediatric foot conditions we see. In young growing feet, the growth plate in the heel bone is particularly vulnerable and susceptible to inflammation and pain due to muscle strain and repetitive stress. Pain can be present with normal walking, but most commonly occurs during and after sports and activities that stress the heel. Have your child evaluated at the first signs of heel pain.

Painful ingrown toenails are also very common in kids. Because ingrown toenails can be hereditary, they are a common occurrence in children. Fortunately, a very minor procedure performed in the office will remove the ingrown border permanently.

So if your child is complaining of foot pain or has flat feet, foot and ankle instability or ingrown nails, an evaluation by the foot specialists at Kansas City Foot and Ankle can help them enjoy healthy, happy feet in the years ahead.

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