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Foot Care at Home for Diabetes

One of the biggest complaints we’ve heard from patients who have diabetes and are visiting us for their regular foot care exam is how hard it is to maintain good foot health.  It is a struggle, but one that must be overcome and performed!  Your health depends on it.  Read on for some tips for foot care at home for diabetes sufferers.

Daily Foot Care

First, let’s review the daily, at-home foot scan every person with diabetes should be doing. If you stick to this habit every day, your regular podiatrist check-ups should be a breeze! In other words, happy feet, happy you!

How to Perform a Diabetic Foot Exam at Home in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Gently clean your feet with soap and warm water.
  2. Take a seat on a bed, chair, or toilet in a well-lit area, with both of your legs hanging comfortably in front of you. Lift one foot onto your opposite leg so you can see the whole foot, but keep the supporting leg as relaxed as possible.
  3. Carefully dry your foot, taking special care to pat down the area between your toes.
  4. Rotate your foot so you can see the sole of your foot and begin your scan there. If you aren’t particularly flexible, you may need to use a handheld mirror to see all the hard-to-reach spots.

What to Look for in a Diabetic Foot Exam, by Foot Section

  1. Balls of your feet:  look for bumps and irregular textures, as this area is prone to developing calluses or corns.  Proper-fitting footwear can reduce your risk.
  2. Soles of your feet:  look and feel for bumps and lumps; these may be signs of muscle or bone injuries.
  3. Heels:  look and feel for dry, rough, or cracked skin; even small cracks can leave you open to infection.
  4. Overall:  moisturize daily with odorless, colorless lotion. You may want to make this ritual the closing move of your exam, so you never forget. Don’t moisturize between your toes; because bacteria love warm, moist places!

We hope that these tips will help you at home – and help keep your feet comfortable and healthy.  Remember, foot care at home for diabetes is extremely important!  If you have any concerns at all with your feet, please do not hesitate to give us a call!

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