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Will an Injection Stop My Bunion From Hurting?

Bunion Pain – Cause

We have many patients who come to see us due to terrible pain from a bunion that has developed on the side of their foot.  This prompts them to ask the question, “Will an injection stop my bunion from hurting?”  The pain associated with a bunion on your foot is due to inflammation, and it can be very painful. That inflammation can be either at the bump on the side of your foot, or deeper within the joint. Reducing the inflammation will help to control the bunion pain.  Less inflammation = Less Pain!

Cortisone Injection – Remedy?

cortisone injection is a very effective means to reduce the pain from a bunion.  An injection will do a better job of controlling your pain because the area of inflammation is so localized, it will be more effective than taking an oral anti-inflammatory medication would. Even so, the results of the injection are likely to be temporary. Over time, the inflammation will build up again and cause the pain to return.

When to see your Doctor

If you are experiencing bunion pain, the best time to get it checked and treated is now! It will not go away on it’s own, and why suffer needlessly?  Whether it be an injection, padding, custom orthotics, or even bunion surgery, please be assured that Kansas City Foot and Ankle will recommend the best, and most effective, treatment for you!


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