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Fall Foot Care

Fall in Kansas City!

The leaves are turning, there is a bit of chill in the air, and Friday night football is on!  So now that the summer has wound down, and we move into fall and winter, you may think that you can hide your feet in cozy socks and boots and forget about them!  However, now is definitely not the time to take a break from your regular foot care.  

Fall is a very important time to pay particular attention to your feet and give them the love they need! Your feet have just survived the brutal summer heat, the skin drying effects of the weather, and the lack of support in all those cute summer styles.  Your feet are dehydrated and fatigued, and now is the time to get them back into shape!  You need to take care of your feet now before any underlying problems get worse.

The tips below will also help you avoid painful calluses and corns that can develop from lack of care.  Particularly as women age, hormonal changes can dry the skin and affect the feet.  Loss of subcutaneous fat reduces cushioning under the bones of your foot and can lead to pain.  The soft tissue in your feet may become more lax which may lead to discomfort. It is also important to continue to use a good foot lotion daily to maintain the health of your skin.  Summer seems to be the season to get those cute pedicures and make sure your toenails and feet look great in all the strappy summer styles – however, it is recommended that you get a pedicure at least once a month, if not twice, all year around.

Tip Top Tips

Regular pedicures are a great start, and consider these additional tips for happy, healthy feet!

  1. Exfoliation: Along with daily moisturizing, you should also exfoliate your feet at least once per week.  Our podiatrists recommend exfoliating when your skin is dry.  It is much easier to detect any problem areas when the skin is dry.  Also, the file that you use will perform more effectively on dry skin than on wet.  Important:  Do NOT share your file with anyone else!  This is a very poor practice that can lead to severe infection.
  2. Nail Color: Now is a great time to take a break from wearing nail polish on your toenails and give them some time to breath.  A great pedicure will shape your nails and keep them pretty, however, skip the polish in the colder seasons when your toenails are not on display as much.  Taking a break from color will also help you identify if you have any nail thickening or fungal issues that may be taking hold.  Early intervention is key to halting these issues.
  3. Soaking:  Treating yourself to a nice, aromatic foot soak will do wonders for your feet!  And using very warm water will not only soothe your feet, but will relax your whole body.  Warm foot soaks are great for foot care and for your mood!
  4. Fall Foot Wear: As we preach year-around, comfort and support comes first!  When you are selecting footwear, you should always consider the support that the shoe will give to your feet.  Improper fitting shoes or boots worn over a period of time will cause you all kinds of trouble.  Your feet should not hurt when you walk!

All-Year Around

We have emphasized fall foot care here, but the majority of these tips should be heeded year-around!  Utilizing these tips will help your feet stay young and healthy.  Following these tips and taking great care of the only two feet that you have will keep you healthy and happy for years to come!

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