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Kansas City Foot and Ankle, a leader in advanced foot and ankle treatment technology, offers the latest non-surgical treatment option for heel pain due to soft tissue damage such as plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinitis.

An innovative and natural medical technology; Amniofix® Sports Med. delivers stem cells via an injection to the damaged soft tissue site.  Your body’s own natural healing power works with the stem cells to repair soft tissue injuries of the foot and ankle.

Amniofix® Sports Med. contains naturally occurring agents that reduce inflammation, scar tissue formation and enhance soft tissue healing making it a highly utilized therapy in many different fields of medicine.  This same stem cell technology has been utilized in eye surgery, wound care, orthopedic and dental surgeries.  We are excited to introduce this proven technology to our foot and ankle patients!

At Kansas City Foot and Ankle, our physicians recognize when advanced therapies and technologies are appropriate and when they would likely be unsuccessful and an inefficient use of your health care dollars.

Our podiatrists will diagnose and determine the best course of treatment for your heel pain.  Many patients respond very well to conservative treatments, however if a patient’s foot or ankle condition is not resolved with conservative methods, we offer many advanced non-surgical treatments.  It is only after conservative and non-surgical treatments have been exhausted that a surgical procedure would be recommended.

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